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Aksu, M.*; Pleiner, T.*; Karaca, S.; Kappert, C.; Dehne, H.J.; Seibel, K.; Urlaub, H.; Bohnsack, M.; Görlich, D. (2018) Xpo7 is a broad-spectrum exportin and a nuclear import receptor. J. Cell Biol. 217, 1143-1154.

NTR Nanobodies_edited.jpg

In the Görlich lab at the Max Planck Insitute for Biophysical Chemistry, we used nanobodies as tools to study nucleocytoplasmic transport - an essential process that sorts cytoplasmic and nuclear proteins to their correct subcellular compartment. Here, we used nanobodies as intracellular inhibitors of a nuclear transport receptor (NTR), which allowed us to demonstrate that the NTR Exportin 7 (Xpo7) could unexpectedly carry-out bidirectional protein transport. Using mass spectrometry, we identified numerous new import and export cargoes of Xpo7.

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