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Mansi Vasishtha

Feb. 12, 2024

We are excited to have Mansi Vasishtha join the Pleiner lab as a lab manager! We look forward to Mansi contributing her vast experience from managing other labs at Stanford and help out with ongoing projects in the lab as well. 

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Caroline Scheuing rotates in the lab

Jan 3, 2024

We are welcoming MCP graduate student Caroline Scheuing as rotation student. Very excited to have you on board for the next two months to discover modulatory nanobodies!

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New paper out now in Nature Protocols

Nov 16, 2023

If you are purifying mammalian proteins for structure-function analysis, we got a treat for you! Check out our protease-cleavable anti-GFP & anti-ALFA nanobody-based purification strategy @ Nature Protocols here: (from Tino's time @VoorheesLab @Caltech)

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Mia Greeson rotates in the lab

Oct 3, 2023

We are welcoming MCP graduate student Mia Greeson as our lab's first rotation student. Very excited to have you tackle our first nanobody projects!

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Zhiwen (Carmen) Liao joins the lab

Sept 18, 2023

Carmen joins the Pleiner lab part-time to help organize the lab! Her main home base is the Goodman lab. We are very happy she is bringing all her experience to our growing lab!

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We made the cover of JCB!

August 07, 2023

Tino's latest postdoc paper from the Voorhees lab at Caltech was chosen to be featured on the cover of the Journal of Cell Biology along with a well-written spotlight article. Artwork by Larissa Ulisko.

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Marinda Stanton joins the lab

July 01, 2023

We are excited to have Marinda Stanton join the lab! Marinda will help set-up the lab and work with Tino to get the first projects off the ground.

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1st Day at Stanford

June 01, 2023

The lab is finally open! The Pleiner lab received a warm welcome by the Department. We are happy to be here and are looking forward to unboxing all our new toys and setting up the lab! Can't wait to get started with experiments.

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New paper published in JCB

May 18, 2023

Part of Tino's postdoctoral work at Caltech just got published. Sorting of membrane proteins to their correct subcellular compartment is an essential process that shapes organelle identity by equipping them with a defined inventory of proteins. We reveal a new mechanism for how selectivity of the insertion machinery at the ER membrane influences the fidelity of sorting ER and mitochondrial membrane proteins.

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Time to move

May 04, 2023

Tino's last day at Caltech was an emotional one! So many memories and so much fun. But now it's time to pack up plasmids, cell lines and proteins and move them to Stanford! Very excited to get the lab started!

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Preprint alert !

Mar 10, 2023

Our new preprint just dropped on bioRxiv highlighting a powerful strategy to isolate  GFP- or ALFA tagged human proteins or protein complexes in high yield and under native conditions for structural and functional analysis using nanobodies!

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We are hiring!

Feb 02, 2023

We are looking for talented individuals to join our growing team! We are looking to hire a lab manager, see job ad here and postdoc, see job description here. Let's replace this placeholder photo!

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The Pleiner lab is taking shape

Jan 05, 2023

Lab renovations on the 1st floor of Beckman Center are under way and expected to be completed by end of Feb 2023. The first lab equipment is being purchased and Tino is scouting alpacas to join the lab for first nanobody projects! Exciting times ahead!

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