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The Pleiner lab is looking for scientists to join our growing team! If you are passionate about discovery science and/or technology development projects we want you to join our team.

Postdoc position

We are seeking creative, passionate and independent thinkers to join us as postdocs. Applications are encouraged from talented and motivated individuals who have a Ph.D. or are nearing completion of their Ph.D. with experience in cell biology, structural biochemistry and/or protein engineering. Top candidates will have a strong track record of research productivity, excellent communication skills, enthusiasm for basic research and a willingness to work as a leading part of a team with other lab members.

The following projects require your expertise:

1) Mechanistic analysis of membrane protein biogenesis. Trapping biogenesis intermediates and subcomplexes of biogenesis factors for structural analysis. Complementary functional analysis using in vitro and in cell reporter assays.

Preferred expertise: structural biology (cryo-EM data collection and data analysis), biochemistry (protein expression and purification in bacteria / mammalian cells), as well as general molecular biology and cell biology techniques


2) Generation of function-modulating nanobodies against key human protein quality control factors and their characterization in model systems of neurodegenerative diseases.

Preferred expertise: biochemistry (protein purification expression and purification in bacteria / mammalian cells), cell biology (mammalian cell culture, genetic screens etc.)

Please include the following items in one PDF as part of your application via email to Tino:

  • A cover letter including a summary of your research experience, your career goals, and how you think you could contribute to the ongoing research in our lab.

  • Your curriculum vitae including a list of publications with brief (2-3 sentence) descriptions of your contributions to your published work.

  • Names and contact information for 3 references.

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